👋 About Us.

MBD Boulevard goes beyond the traditional marketplace model by offering a wide range of goods and services. There are several platforms for trading art-based NFTs, but fewer for real world goods, services, and loyalty programs. Imagine a platform where Fiverr, Etsy, and Amazon are all available in one place, anyone can set up their own store, and transactions occur instantaneously and securely.

⛱ Team

Our team is dedicated to serving the community with transparency in all that we do.

Fred Dahl

Fred Dahl

Founder and CEO

May Mahboob

May Mahboob

Co-founder and President




Usama Latif

Usama Latif

Full-Stack Blockchain Developer

🚀 Fast Facts

“We are building a more diverse and equitable marketplace, with the opportunity for both buyers and sellers to consume products in a new way. We are excited to offer the tools for people all over the world to expand their business pursuits.”


Allows for fluid movement of NFTs, regardless of their native network. Any singular NFT can be accessible on any chain, and users will also be able to transact with their NFTs directly cross-chain. Users will also be able to mint NFTs using the NFT trade platform.


Means that users will be able to trade directly with each other, without the need of an intermediary,using smart contracts to guarantee that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.


Users will be able share their NFTs, interact with other users and collectors, and create using their assets. Loyalty and token programs allow new forms of engagement for businesses. Rewards services allow users to earn and spend points.

Earn Gemz with MBD

A fully fletched rewards platform.

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